PEL Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Is A Powerful Marketing Tool

Each year search engine optimization or SEO becomes a more sophisticated technique. As search engines have continued to improve their search products, marketers have honed their skill sets, and brands have seen the impact of organic search for business growth, search engine optimization has grown into an established branch of marketing. SEO has a lot to do with the content on your website.  It is the right content?  Does it connect to your intended audience?  Is your rhetoric consistent with your client base?  SEO is much more than just words though.  Refining your implementation of sound SEO measures will improve your internet presence and in turn, the growth of your business.

Make mobile SEO a priority

There has been an increasing push to implement mobile strategies for years. If you haven't stepped up your game, now is the time to do so. In 2014, mobile traffic worldwide grew by 69%. Between 2013 and 2014, mobile app usage grew 52%. It now accounts for over half of the digital media time in the United States. Consider adopting a hybrid approach that uses a unique combination of web technologies (i.e. HTML, JavaScript) to meet your marketing needs. Keep your load times quick and always place your most important content above the fold.

Focus on building hard earned links

It's much easier to build single links on second rate sites than to build multiple links on several niche authority sites. Unfortunately it's also not nearly as effective. Start by building editorial links. Seek out topics that are relevant to your industry without being overly promotional and then look for opportunities to write and publish op-ed and thought-leadership articles. Once the articles are published, ALWAYS share them on social media.

Another solid technique for building hard earned links is co-citation. Each time a link to your site or a mention of your brand appears alongside a similar web resource or competitor social media account, you gain rank on Google. The more Google values you as a close competitor to top players within your industry, the better you'll do in the rankings.

Streamline your website's URL structure

Websites with confusing content organization and messy website structure quickly fall in the Google rankings. Implement a simple site hierarchy with URLs that match. Then create straightforward, concise, and meaningful URLs that contain one or two relevant keywords. Whenever possible, avoid dynamic URLs (i.e., instead opting for static URLS (i.e. www.hardware101.flathead-screwdriver). Every page should be accessible within a few clicks of the homepage. Link internally as it makes sense to do so to keep pages accessible without limiting the amount of pages that you share with your audience. Use a broken link checker on a regular basis to locate and fix broken links and 404 errors, which will also lower your search rank.

Seek out measurement and reporting that works

Quantifying SEO efforts is a continual struggle for brands and marketers alike. Even though most modern companies understand the importance of using sound data sources, many still struggle to do so effectively. Nearly half of marketers don't have metrics to demonstrate the impact of their marketing efforts and use intuition as opposed to data when deciding where to invest marketing dollars. This year focus on simplifying your data sources, striving to use structured data sources to get the data that you need to make informed SEO decisions. Obtain a sound technology that can pool your varying data sources into a single platform to streamline insights.

Finally, search engine optimization is an ongoing process. As such, you must review and adapt your tactics on a regular basis to conform with the current search engine algorithms and other best SEO practices.

PEL Search Engine Optimization

PEL recognizes that high quality content is only effective when it speaks to the needs, desires and pain points of a client’s intended audience.  Effective search engine optimization (SEO) is the primary tool for connecting the dots in this regard.  This is not the end all to high quality SEO.  In order to ensure the highest possible website performance, many other factors must be considered and implemented if a client’ website is to be truly optimized.

Search Engine optimization is just one element of PEL Online Marketing. PEL Online Marketing employs all modern tools to connect your online marketing to the world.  PEL online marketing strategies include all elements of a truly holistic approach to online marketing.  Everything from developing and implementing an effective Online Marketing Strategy; Website Design and Website Development with the a client’s intended audience in mind; to Website Content Writing and Website Content Editing to ensure engaging original content is offered on a client’s website; including a strong emphasis on Website Search Engine Optimization to ensure the highest possible website performance.  PEL Online Marketing Strategies are guided by in depth Granular Website Analysis to determine the effectiveness of the client’s online marketing strategy and to identify improvement opportunities.  PEL Online Marketing Strategies maximize Social Media Marketing to engage a client’s intended audience when and where they are active online and implement Pay Per Click Advertising Marketing to supplement a client’s overall marketing plan when appropriate.

PEL Online Marketing Strategy

PEL offers comprehensive and holistic online marketing services.  PEL online marketing works with each client to develop an effective online marketing strategy tailored for that client's industry and focused on that client's target audience.

PEL Website Design and Website Development

PEL combines an effective strategy coupled with a well designed and developed website for each client to ensure the best possible user experience.   This requires a sound website architectural structure as well as consideration for ease of use by each website visitor

PEL Website Content Writing and Website Content Editing

PEL understands that implementation of an effective online marketing strategy doesn’t stop with a well designed and developed website but that it requires highly relevant, engaging and original content on every website.  PEL works with each client to develop the website content through PEL website content writing services and website content editing services.

PEL Online Marketing Analysis

PEL performs detailed granular online marketing analysis to assess the effectiveness of each implemented online marketing strategy to identify strengths and weaknesses in order to continually adjust the strategy based on consumer behavior patterns.

PEL Social Media Marketing

PEL maximizes the use of social media marketing to connect and convert the client’s targeted audience based on where they spend their online time.

PEL PPC Marketing

PEL employs Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing when it is in the best interest of the client's overall marketing strategy.

How good is your online presence?

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